“Each session is unique to each person.” Darla Ketchum, LMT

This is NOT your average assembly line massage. Darla tailors each session—each treatment—to the individual.Clients remark that Darla provides a degree of care and thoughtfulness that is rare in the industry. Communicating with her clients and putting them at ease, she ensures that every visit meets their needs for pain relief and/or relaxation. Darla pairs professionalism with comfort, getting to know her clients and personalizing treatments so as to put each person on the path to greater health, pain management, and contentment.


—whether it be physical, emotional, OR mental stress—

affects the body,
namely fascia.
When stress is not dealt with,
it gets stored in the body,
and imbalances become apparent.

Traumas cause imbalances in the body if they are not resolved.”

—Darla Ketchum, LMT

Darla’s passion for bodywork helps her clients find the pain resolution needed find comfort in their bodies, and her training is of rare quality. Clients take great confidence in her work, knowing that her instructional lineage can be traced back directly to the greatest heroes in Structural Integration.


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Ida Rolf

Dr. Ida Rolf taught Joseph Heller.


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Joseph Heller

Joseph Heller directly taught Carmelita Davis-Beets


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Carmelita Davis-Beets

Carmelita Davis-Beets taught Darla Ketchum the techniques that were passed down from Dr. Ida Rolf and Joseph Heller.

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Darla Ketchum

Darla Ketchum uses the techniques that she has learned everyday to better her clients health.