Pain Relieving Body Somatic Therapy

Body Somatics goes beyond massage. It's about restructuring, re-aligning and re-educating our bodies in order to bring about healing and wholeness. Body Somatics clears the body by removing pain and restoring natural movement and balance as well as energy flow. Unlike massage, Body Somatic Therapy focuses on structural integration that balances your body around your core. Body Somatics is Direct Myofascial Release Therapy which removes facial adhesions. It relieves pain, constrictions and works directly with the cause of body's structural problems.

Nutritional Consulting

Nutritional Consulting is based on Bio Individuality which is you as in individual, not a one-sized-fits-all dietary plan. We all have highly-individualized nutritional requirements based on our anatomy, ancestry, metabolism, age, gender, blood type and lifestyle. Through Holistic Nutritional Consulting, we will discover what foods are right for you. The focus is about adding healthy food and habits instead of a cookie cutter diet restriction program. This work is more just food it is about learning how to create stable habits in your life.

Relaxing Lomi Lomi Massage

What is Lomi Lomi? Lomi Lomi means "massage" in the Hawaiian language. I fell in love with this ancient form of massage because it is very soothing and nurturing. In Lomi Lomi there are full-body strokes that flow from head to toe. Lomi Lomi is exceptionally relaxing and offers the state of tranquility.

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