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Has stress, work, surgery, or injuries led to chronic stiffness or pain in your body? Are medications not effective or causing you side effects? With over 15 years of expertise in her field, Darla Ketchum, L.M.T. (Licensed Massage Therapist) says, “If you have issues in your tissues", pain and stress can be relieved, often eliminated with hands on Bodywork Therapy.

”Darla offers a unique blend of therapies, listens and hears your concerns, customizes  care tailored to your needs and creates an atmosphere of wellness and optimism. She is energetic, empathetic and truly cares about your overall well-being.

As a graduate of the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing in Kansas City, Missouri, Darla offers Body Somatic Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Direct Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy and Lomi Lomi relaxation sessions. She combines a blend of these therapies to facilitate healing and relaxation.

In addition to Bodywork, Darla is educated as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. Her therapy and guidance can bring to you a sense of being cared for and rejuvenation. Darla has Northland and Midtown locations.  Call 816-888-4325 today to schedule your appointment.